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FTC says go to Google and Admob buyout.

In a stunning event today, the FTC approved the buyout the widely skeptical deal between Google and AdMob. Companies and the media buzzed about mentioned what impact this proposed merger could be as far as antitrust issues where concerned. apparently the FTC took into consideration, Apple’s release of iAd, and the potential by noting,  “ultimately were overshadowed by recent developments in the market, most notably a move by Apple Computer Inc.”

The AdWAR has begun, who will dominate?….


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Sleep called him

Austin feel asleep while slumped over on the coutch. Few minutes earlier, he was watching the garbage truck outside the window.

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The Computer History Museum

That is some place where I could visit myself going… I’m such a nerd. Its a huge facility that has even more pre-historic computers than I have stacked.

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It has been so long

I’ve been very busy the last coupe of weeks. Why so long with no posts? Well, its been a long road so far. I’ll explain

First of all, I’ve been involved in this recent formation of Rackcore. Due to this, I’ve devoted more of my time and energy in order to make way for the next phase. We will house a Telco grade Multi-node Network, in Jackson, Mississippi. This ‘core’ will provide the capability and redundancy to handle any requests of our clients. From simple Shared Hosting to elaborate Enterprise Solutions. This will require a unique blend of the right software, mixed spice of hardware, to make this a unique and superior to todays market. Oh and of course there is a need to have the inner geek in you.

You can follow more about Rackcore as we rave and rant.

I look to posting more in the near future. Till then, auf wiedersehen.

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As you will see, I’ve been modifying and really getting to know WP. You will see something on change on Tuesday.

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